Intex Boats! Mariner Inflatable Boat Review

Intex Boats!
Mariner Inflatable Boat Review


Intex Boats! Mariner Inflatable Boat Review

My house sits exactly 58 steps away from a private lake.

Because I’ve lived so close to the water, for such a long time, I’ve owned and used just about every brand of inflatable boat out there.

Due to this fact, I feel that I’m qualified to make this VERY bold statement!

The best budget priced inflatable boat on the market today is the Intex 4 Person Mariner Inflatable Boat Set.

Was that bold enough for you?

Now, I’ll admit, this boat isn’t 100 percent perfect,

But….as far as bang for the buck goes, this inflatable is impossible to beat.

Here’s what I like most about it.


It’s made with three-ply SUPER-TOUGH vinyl, with two outer layers of heavy-gauge PVC, laminated to an inner layer of strong polyester mesh.

You won’t find this kind of toughness in your average fresh water inflatable, which could wind up hurting you down the road.

Let me give you a quick example to demonstrate…

My very first inflatable was more of a pool toy than a serious boat.

I paid less than $150 dollars for the inflatable and for the trolling motor.

I can see you smiling already!

Anyway…on my second outing in this unit, my dog put her paws on the edge of the boat to jump to shore, and tore a good sized hole through the vinyl.

Vinyl that was too cheap and flimsy to repair, which quickly put an end to this inflatable.

I know for a fact this would never have happened if I had started off with one of the Intex boats.

The Intex is not entirely bullet proof, that’s for sure, but it’s much more durable than the lower quality brands available out there.

With just a little caution and care, this boat will last you many, many seasons.

And if for some reason you do wind up getting a leak?

No problem, as this boat is extremely easy to patch and repair due to the quality materials used to manufacture the boat.

But I do need to warn you….

This inflatable is not made of white water rafting grade material.

If you’re looking for that type of quality, expect to pay about 5 times the price of this unit.

In other words, on lakes, ponds, and calm rivers, this boat definitely has you covered.

Anything more than that, then you need to bump up your price considerably.
Mariner Inflatable Boat review


If there’s one thing I’ve learned about inflatable boats, it’s this…

Getting the boat from storage into the water MUST be fast, convenient, and easy.

If not, your new play thing will wind up sitting around gathering dust.

In other words, the bigger the hassle, the less often you’ll use your boat.

The Intex Mariner weights a mere 77 pounds, and is VERY easy to move, carry and inflate.

I can’t stress this enough!

Go small and lightweight, and keep your hassle factor as low as possible.

Do so, and I guarantee you, you’ll spend much more time out on the water.


I know I’m going to lose some of you here, but I’m going to argue that smaller is quite often better when it comes to inflatables.

If you must seat 6 people on a regular basis, you should certainly go for a larger boat.

But you need to ask yourself, how often is that going to happen?

If you have several children, or you regularly hit the water with 4 buddies at a time, go ahead and buy a bigger boat.

But, if it’s just you, your wife, and child or two, or you and a few kids, do yourself a big favor and opt for the Intex Mariner.


You might be surprised to hear this about a boat in this price range, but this inflatable is extremely stable.

As a matter of fact, you can stand in the middle of the boat and cast out your line with no problems.

You do have to be careful that your weight is distributed evenly, but you can say that about the big budget inflatables as well.

Here are a few more things I like about this boat.

  1. Light enough to backpack into remote areas
  2. Compact enough to store inside a closet
  3. Has an an inflatable keel to improve efficiency in the water
  4. Built with a hard plastic floor to increase toughness and stability
  5. Has 4 independent air chambers, making it almost impossible to sink under normal circumstances
  6. Compact enough to maneuver into small areas where bigger boats cannot go (up creeks, through ponds, under low hanging trees, around rocks, etc..)

Here’s what comes inside the box:

  1. Gear Bag
  2. Battery Pouch
  3. The Boat Itself
  4. 54″ Aluminum Oars
  5. 2 Weldedon Oar Locks
  6. High Output Boat Pump
  7. 2 Fishing Rod Holders
  8. 3 Inflatable Seat Cushions


If you decide to pull the trigger on this boat here are a few accessories you’re not going to be able to live without.

Minn Kota Trolling Motor (30-40 LBS of Thrust)

Intex Motor Mount Kit

Deep Cycle Marine Battery

The battery is the one item out of the bunch that I would definitely not buy online.

Instead, head down to your local Costco and ask for the Marine battery made by Kirkland.

Another excellent option is the EverStart Marine batteries available at Walmart.

But for the boat itself, I’d definitely recommend buying on


  • Amazons price on this item is typically much less than what you’d pay retail
  • Item ships out free of charge for amazon prime members
  • You won’t have to pay sales tax like you would if you purchased the item locally

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