Intex 15 Foot Swimming Pool Review

Intex Above Ground Swimming Pool Review

Intex 15 Foot Swimming Pool Review

There is no better time than Spring and Summer to have some outdoor fun family style, and the Intex family size 15 foot round pool is just the avenue to do it.

Above ground pools are not just for kids anymore because they have been improved to the status of awesome!

They are less expensive than an in-ground pool and you can build a deck around the pool for lounging in the sun.

Today above-ground pools, like the Intex 15 foot round model,  are made to last and give you hours of fun and relaxation.

I May be An Intex Swimming Fool, But Don’t Take My Word For It!

I love the Intex family pools but that doesn’t give you enough information to make an informed decision, so here are some real facts to help convince you how good this pool really is.

The Intex is constructed of high-grade steel that is powder coated for rust resistance.

No tools are required for the easy set-up because all metal beam joints either pin or snap together. This pool can usually be set up in less than 45 minutes and be ready to start filling up with water.

Size is 15 feet by 48 inches to give the entire family plenty of room to splash around.

Sounds simple to set up, right? Well it is simple!

In fact, the exterior white pipes simply interlock with each other and all you do is slip them through a very strong vinyl casing that goes around the top of the heavy vinyl pool itself. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

But Remember – You MUST Have Level Ground!

The ground needs to be level for the pool to be sturdy and for the water level to be correct.

Don’t wait until you fill your new pool with water to realize it’s not on a flat surface. Making sure you have a level surface is the hardest and most important task of all when setting up this pool.

If you do this one thing right, the rest is like having a big red “easy button” to push!

In most back yards there is a place level enough, but if you need to take a shovel and level it out a bit more it is well worth the trouble.

The price of this pool is extremely reasonable and when you compare it to the hours of fun you will have.

Customers who have used above ground pools before are thrilled with how sturdy and solid the Intex pool is compared to others on the market.

Below you will see what some of the customers have been saying about this family swimming pool.

What Do Customers of The Intex Family Swimming Pool Think?

  • Better than easy and a simple set!
  • Best Investment Ever!
  • Great pool for the money!
  • This pool is fantastic. I had two other models but had problems with leveling and the sides crashing in when kids get rowdy.


Sounds Great, But What Comes With The Pool?


  1. Includes DVD for set-up
  2. Ground Cloth
  3. Cover
  4. Filter pump
  5. Ladder
  6. Ladder barrier
  7. Surface skimmer

Everything you need, except the chemicals, are included with the Intex family size swimming pool.

Once you get your Intex family size swimming pool, just watch the DVD and start getting ready for the best family fun you have had in a long time!

Everything about this pool is made for durability so you can have fun for years to come.

A pool like this is a great treat for the entire family.

Get to know your kids, family, and friends better by spending those hot days relaxing in your Intex family size swimming pool.

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